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What we do:

YellowInvestment gives you the opportunity to invest in a worldwide known public transport, the taxi. Essentially you are becoming the owner of a traditionally profitable business, which is imperative need for million passengers in Greece and billion passengers all over the world since 1605. A business that survived even in times of severe economic downturn.


How we do it:

With or without the need of your physical presence, we undertake the whole process of transferring a taxi service licence under our management on your behalf. Afterwards, YellowInvestment leasing it to professional drivers and delivering to you a net profit figure on a monthly basis. In that way, until you decide to resell it, you’ll have regular income with a guaranteed ‘nest-egg’ at retirement.


Capital and returns:

Your business, gives you pure profits because the fixed costs, probable damages, insurance tributions and taxes, weight us. The following tables shows the most popular deals you can start with. However, if you want to enter aggressively in taxi industry, buying and leasing more than one taxi, YellowInvestment can definitely handle it.

Athens taxi licence without vehicle

Athens taxi licence with vehicle

✶ When supply increase more than demand, taxi licences may be limited

✶ The price derived from supply and demand interaction and it may change unexpectedly