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Excessively Taxi use in Athens

The yellow taxi cabs in Athens are so many, that during the days that the taxi drivers are on a strike and they are not in circulation, Athens seems empty! Any way you look at it, Athenians use taxis excessively – whether they own a car or not – maybe because of so much distrust for the public mass transportation.

The charges for hiring taxis are low in relation to the cost in other European capitals, but they meet the reality of Greek salaries. However, the taxi drivers are not always polite and may not respect the customerʼs right to chose, for example, if it is acceptable to let another person riding along with them. Also, they agree to take a passenger according to the destination, and in general there are many incidents of profiteering which the Taxi Union Association of Athens (S.A.T.A.) strongly disapproves.

In case you lose something in a taxi, contact the taxi company where the taxi is listed or the police telephone center at 210-6421616 and give the taxiʼs license number and the driverʼs name.